East Side Nazarene


The East Side Church of the Nazarene was organized in April of 1957, at 1301 Moultrie Avenue, Mattoon, Illinois with 28 charter members. The church was a small, unattractive building with brick siding. It had a small sanctuary and two small classrooms.

Over the next twenty five years, a new sanctuary was added, the old building completely refurbished, an educational unit built, and a new parsonage erected on the property. The congregation, during this time, outgrew this facility and thus the need for a new and larger location. In the fall of 1980, we moved to our present location. A new spacious church building on South Ninth Street.

Fast forward to the present. As we rapidly approach our 50th anniversary, we continually strive to meet the challenges presented to us as a 21st century house of worship. Many things have changed over the years, but as we try to stay contemporary with all around us, we will never waver in spreading the message of God's love through Christ Jesus.

Our Statement Of Purpose is;

"Believing we are called to be God's people, we recognize our responsibility and privilege to love God, to love our fellow human beings, to serve both God and humanity as an expression of that love, and to teach His Word diligently, all with the aim and hope of wining the lost."